Movement Making

Georgian England was at the centre of horological excellence when the industry was at the cutting edge of science and technology. The innovations of master horologists such as George Graham, Thomas Tompion and John Harrison established a technical lead in Britain that was to remain virtually unchallenged throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.
The basic principles established at that time remain unchanged to this day although technology has improved design and construction. Comitti draws on this unique heritage to re-create English movements such as the Grasshopper that are finished and assembled entirely by hand. The gear trains are cut from solid brass and then fettled and polished by hand. All the parts are gold or rhodium plated to achieve a perfect finish that will retain its lustre. The pivots are burnished and the pivot holes reamed to minimise wear and improve accuracy. In the assembly process specialist oils and greases are applied to the pivots and bearings to establish the perfect running of the motion work. Once assembled, each movement has to complete 14 days of inspection and performance adjustment before being mounted into its cabinet.

View the detail of the Congreve movement