Marquetry is an art form that can be traced back to early Egyptian and Assyrian craftsmen and is essentially decoration achieved by creating patterns or pictures from veneers of wood or other materials. The Zenith of marquetry was in the late 17th and early 18th Century when the craft reached the status of high art through royal patronage in France.

The arrival of William of Orange with his wife Mary and their Court in 1689 established the fashion for this highly decorative craft in England. It had an immediate influence over furniture designers and Longcase clock cabinetwork in particular. For the first time furnishings for the home became aspirational, driven by fashion and the highest standards of design inspired by technical education and classic architecture. Comitti’s craftsmen continue to produce marquetry to these high standards using traditional techniques and fine and rare woods. The time taken to create these intricate panels is measured in days and every piece is unique.

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